Item data for patch 5.0.5

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Many of us have either downloaded our own item data from the Blizzard API, or have used what others have publicly shared (such as the one at for patch 4.3). I have completed my download of the item data from the API (as of this morning) and wanted to make it available for others to consume:

itemdata_5.0.5.tar.gz -->

Just like the one on wowuse, the raw downloads from the API are in a subdirectory. I also created a single JSON file containing all the items, which is how I personally consume them in my code.

I hope that Blizzard continues to make more static data available for download. Downloading items, spells, recipes, etc, in bulk would save bandwidth and many thousands of requests (which counts against our valuable download quota!) to the Blizzard servers. The itemdata tarball compressed 285MB into single 12MB file, which is a huge savings in my book :-)

Anyways, happy programming!
Recipes and their reagents are currently unavailable from Blizzard's API, so hopefully they'll add that in the future. These archives are useful but simply put incomparable to live and up-to-date information that Blizzard could be providing.

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