Whats the PvE spec these days?

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I havent kept up much on hunters since all my time had to go into my main, so any info would be fantabulous :D

Is it worth lvling my hunter? I have 85 lock I could lvl as well if I wanted..but..meh
From what I have read, hunter PvE is terrible. I just ran a RF and a hunter topped DPS (Skada), but the rest were not hunters.

PvP, though, supposedly we are owning; in arenas that is, maybe not so much in BGs.
Darican, you didn't ONCE answer his question.

PVP - BM (burst)
PVE - Surv still IMO because of the procs from thrill of the hunt, I haven't been topped ONCE in a dungeon thus far into Mists.
Mehhh, our PVE DPS is pretty slummy right now. I can usually top most fights because of my gear, but I think SV needs a buff.
Correct, BM is the PVE spec to play for majority of fights right now.
#1 DPS spec overall for Feng, 2nd MV boss, which is single-target DPS.
so BM is the end all OP hunter spec now?? thats just awesome, my pet is so much nastier now than ever before!!

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