[H] <Right on Red> 10M Recruiting DPS

Guild Recruitment
<Right on Red>'s first raid group has already completed Mogu'shan Vaults with a Server 1st, US 33rd ranking. Our second progression raid group is still recruiting!

This group will raid three nights per week from 8pm - 12am EST with no raiding on the weekends.

The raid is seeking solid DPS of the following classes to round out the group:

  • Hunter
  • Paladin
  • Warrior

We are looking for players with previous progression raiding experience only.

Please speak with Buthayna or Golad in-game.

Bumping for qualified raiders that are geared and ready to rumble.
Bumping for delicious chicken burritos.
Bumping because the bacon jerky I got from the vending machine is not very good. =(
Bumping because I'll be online tonight after 8pm EST for any interested applicants.
Bump for update to the original post. Recruitment is going well, only look for a hunter or maybe an exceptional enhancement shaman.
Bump for updated recruitment information. Congrats on our first raid group for a server first, US 47th status!
Bump in hopes the login server starts working again.
Bump for raiding starting on Tuesday! Drop us a line.
Raiding begins tonight at 8pm EST! Still considering additional candidates =)
id like to talk to you about recruitment
Hunters! Enhancement Shamans! Where are you?!

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