Feeling weak and underpowered

Okay, I recently started playing a fire mage and honestly I am scared to enter into any instance let alone a heroic. I feel extremely weak and underpowered as in I barely break 19 to 20k. I played arcane pretty much all the way through Woltk and Cata, and going into this expansion, I thought it would be viable. However what I want to know is am I doing something wrong to get such poor results as fire ?
Play Frost/Arcane until you can collect enough crit gear for a Fire set. Fire is plenty viable, just not when you are wearing greens and have no crit.
frost will be top DPS right now until more raids become available and gear progression allows us more consistent crits..... however at that time, im sure mastery will start spiking up a lot and Arcane will be the next step in mage raiding.

I DESTROY most fire mage in dps

aoe trash pulls with fire you'll spike up to 200-250k dps (whatever its trash)
single target i stay at about 60k dps and have plenty of mobility

fire if geared can spike that high too, but I put being consistent over that random chance you can blow out 5 pyros and see a lot of crits
I pull 30k and I'm in normals. Double check your rotation, reforging, gems, and enchants. The gear plays a small factor, but make sure you're doing all you can to be better

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