Barring Entry bugged?

K i am at the start of the path. Cant seems to find Lao Softfoot.. even went flying around Golden stair looking for cages.
Any help pls..?
I'm having the same issue. Its like i'm stuck in an improper phase with him not appearing.
I can blow up the cave by myself, and I get credit, but Lao just isn't showing up at the front of the ruins.
Same, can't see him anywhere :(
Having the same problem. Read on wowhead it might be due to phasing. How do we get around this?
Also having same phasing problem. Another person flew to the location then disappeared in front of me. I'm assuming they phased to the correct place.
Also having the same problem and have had a ticket in about it for 2 days and still no reply... Come on Blizz please fix this, there are lots of people that are having this issue and not posting on here.. Because of it we are losing days of rep that we are just unable to even start farming..

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