Selling Flag of Ownership and many cheap pets

Hello I am selling several codes from the WoW trading card game. I have the following:

Owned! (Flag of Ownership) 75k
Throwing Starfish (Sack of Starfish) 8k
Nightsaber Cub 8k
Landro's Lichling 5k
Landro's Lil' XT 5k
Bloat the Bubble Fish (Purple Puffer) 3k
Sand Scarab 2k
Vicious Grell (Grell Moss) 2k

I also accept tiger/crane cards as payment.

Message me here or in game please.
do you take paypal payments? if so how much in USD $
Sorry I just need gold. I'm trying to buy a tiger and crane deck.
Got the Sand Scarab. Great seller, fast easy and convenient. Thanks broham!

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