[H] Antisocial Club (13/13H) Recruitment

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Yay for starting to fill the group again! H Amber Shaper down :)

Someone send me an amazing disc/holy priest to pamper!
Heroic.amber shaper finally
I'm the Sheriff around these here parts.
I look like Batman, advantage Rawkit.
No, sorry bud, I don't see the resemblance
Recruiting all classes, with melee being lower on the priority list unless you can play a useful OS well :)
Mylie, I just realized you are a panda. o.o
Yes I am!!! :)
Looking for exceptional players!
Grats qts! I'll be coming back next weekend as a Tauren Hunter. :3
LF competitive players of all of classes
Lf competitive, but friendly players!
Considering all exceptional players for core raid positions.
Da thunder king be alive mon, and he shall be dieing mon
How about that Council fight
All exceptional, competitive, friendly players of any role feel free to inquire
Looking for all exceptional classes/roles

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