Final Fantasy 14 v2.0 and my system

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Ok, first off as much as i liked WoW over the years, i think i'm done.

I tried all sorts of other mmos from Eve,STO, to DCUO, Rift, Tera, even SWToR. they all just couldnt get me involved enough. But once i heard theyre revamping FF14 and there seems to be more positive feedback about it, i was coming here to see if anyone has seen it lately, and your sincere impressions. I mean they must have spent a fortune in the retooling so it would have to be at least tolerable if not worth the initial try.

yet that leads me to my next dilema. I'm currently running a phenom 2 x3core, 4g 1333 ram (i plan to up to 8g) and a GTS 450 with a 600w psu on a MSI NF750-g55.

For now i plan to also up the gpu to a 500 or 600 gtx series with the plan in a few months to also up the psu to over 850watt and do another gpu in sli.

the down side- this mobo has 1 pcie16 but in sli it drops to 2x8...

oh what to do!

I'm pretty sure i'll like the update to ff14, so lets assume its going to happen, I want to future proof my system say the next 3--4+years or so. thoughts?

p.s play nice in here. people can get passionate about configurations sometimes...
I seriously doubt FFXIV will take advantage of SLi properly.

Here's a tip: Never build a PC thinking you can future-proof it. Always build for now. That said, if your motherboard is compatible with AMD FX CPUs right now, it is possible there will be a BIOS update for upcoming AMD FX Piledriver CPUs. If that is the case, you can consider getting a Piledriver-based CPU a month or so later.

If your motherboard does not support AMD FX CPU, get yourself an Intel-based rig.

You should read my PC build guide if you are thinking about getting a whole new PC, or if you have to switch to an Intel-based rig.
I would also hold out till christmas season is in full swing, usually games are bundled or nice discounts.
Also, while its nice to have the option for sli/crossfire.. alot of the times you'll do just fine using the money not on a 2nd card, but a bit higher end card and a few bucks thrown at a nice LED if your needing one anyway. my 2 cents

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