Elemental force vs Windsong Warrior PVP

I saw they just updated both of these enchants. I was wondering which would be better for a warrior in pvp both as Arms and as Fury? As always thanks guys
I too would like to know. Some *##%%%!! just whispered me and laughed that I was using Elemental Force on my PVP Arms warrior.
I thought we were suppose to use a weapon chain.
i read somewhere weapon chain, doesnt stack with our disarm reduction from our set
10/16/2012 03:23 AMPosted by Villain
I thought we were suppose to use a weapon chain.

Our 4pc is a Disarm Reduction. Best warrior weapon enchant currently is Dancing Steel. But between the two, I'm not sure, but I'd go with Elemental Force
i'm no expert, but i feel as though my damage is noticeably higher with elemental force after using windsong for a few weeks. keep in mind the procs can crit for 7k-8k, and not just static 3.5k or whatever.
so...after recent updates to chants...what is the answer for OP question?. I also want to know

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