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Hello Forum,

I am looking at either getting a mobile wifi device or opting to tether with my iPhone 4s. How much data on average does WoW using and how much do you use your mobile WiFi or tethering to play wow?

Any advice will be helpful.

I use it permnantly. Almost never have lag. Sometimes random DC's but not really a problem. Run an average of 150 ms, the ping is always green colored 90% of the time. Works great for me.

I use 3g network from Cricket Mobile.

Edit: I get 2.5 GB of "full speed" internet which basically means I can actually watch youtube videos. it lasted a week last time idk how long this time. Then it drops to "reduced speed" which has no impact on my WoW performance.
I use tethering to my 4S. Usage is currently about 3GB at about 27 days into my billing cycle (I get 5GB with my plan). AT&T is my carrier. I am usually 120-400ms, with some spikes up over 1000ms. The spikes are probably more due to my remote location and close proximity to the 4G/Edge boundary. However, I don't do any YouTube or other bandwidth intensive stuff. Just email, a few daily websites. Tol Barad got pretty choppy when I got near a huge group fighting on the flag.

It's not my desired setup, but it works well enough for now.
Wow's bandwidth usage is really low, and works pretty well over wireless networks, though latency can be an issue.

Big patches, however, will cap you pretty fast if you don't have another way to get them.
Thanks for the advice. I have an iPhone 4s and right now grandfathered into the old unlimited data plan but if I want to tether with my 4s it will cost me an extra $20 a month and my plan will change from unlimited to 5GB. Right now I usually only use about 1GB of data on my iPhone. I have to really work hard to hit 2GB. I just have to decide if I want to fork over the extra $20 a month to have the tether ability anywhere I go.

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