how do you use heart of phoenix?

when your pet dies the pet bar disappears so how are you supposed to use it?
It's in the "Pet" tab in your spellbook when your pet it summoned and Ferocity specced. If it won't go on your bars for some reason, make a macro along the lines of

/cast Heart of the Phoenix
Pet bar shouldn't disappear with a dead pet, not until you attempt to resummon it. UI problem.
omg, so i have to waste a macroslot?
No, not necessarily. I used to have an issue where it wouldn't stay on my pet bar, but as Taelek said, it was probably a UI issue or something. If you put it on your pet bar, it should be fine. The macro was just a suggestion for if it didn't stay there.
P - Dismiss pet
shift + P - revive pet
alt+ P = Heart of the Pheonix

No need to take up a new action-bar spot if you already have 'dismiss' on there.
F2 is my HotP
Pfft! I just put it on my pet bar. It's not like I ever have to take Rabid off, so I just removed that and replaced it with HotP.
Macro it. I personally don't waste a keybind with it. This ability is only used every so often (if nothing else bc of the long cd) so clicking it has worked well for me. Take note I am not a clicker, by any means, which is why I have full keybindings, didn't really have a spot open for this talent, which if that's your problem OP, clicking this ability is perfectly viable.

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