[A] Dark Recruitment 25 man

Gonna keep it short and sweet fellow Proudmoore or other server hopefuls. We are a 25 man Guild. We are always looking for socials and other exceptional applicants to join and just have a good time. Now for what most people want to see for raiding.

Team Faceplant (25 Man): 1/6HM MV 6/6 HoF 4/4 TeS
Raid times (server time)
Tuesday - 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Wednesday - 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Thursday - 6:00pm - 9:00pm

with a possibility of raid on Monday if entire group agrees to it.

Current needs for Team Faceplant are
Fire Mage
DPS warrior

Any other DPS is welcome to apply just let it be known we might already have your class but if you feel like you are up to a better standard and your raid awareness is on point, chances are we would love to have you.

Dark Social Run: (25 Man)

Current Needs: ALL
This run has yet to fully start up off the ground into the third week we are still looking for an interest of raiders in which one of our officers in Team Faceplant will lead this group so casual people that would like to raid and have a relaxed atmosphere are welcome to join up and see MV and raid like raiding was meant to be done. 25 man style. There is no raid commitment other than to show up if you are invited and have fun. Make sure you are appropriately geared and reforged/gem right and have some working knowledge of the fights. Priority will be given to those that are in <Dark> first but will also be extended to those outside of guild after. Minimum ilvl requirement to join is 460.

IMPORTANT************ If you are wanting to raid an alt in the 25 man social and are in a different guild contact Wingsoflead in game!!!!!!!***************

Now in order to start this application process you can do it one of two ways. Contact Dârko in game by tell or by mail or go to our website at www.dark-guild.com

Sorry for the long post but to all Proudmoore raiders HAPPY RAIDING!
I applied to you're guild :)
sweet contact me via realid at icloer@uncc.edu thanks :)
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Tippity Top UP UP UP YOU GO!
Nom Nom Ice cream
i hear ice cream is nice these days
are you guys still recruiting?
Yes i'm wondering the same also and I've been speaking to Legan few days ago ingame. Wondering if there's any spots available for the Dark Social Run if there's already monks in the Faceplant team :)
yes we are still recruiting

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