[A] <Anatomy> 6/6,5/6 Recruiting DPS for 10M

Hi all,

Anatomy is a friendly and fun level 25 guild built on a core that has been raiding together on Proudmoore since ICC. We're searching for DPS to fill 1 or 2 spots in our core team.

We're a 10 man guild consisting of a half/half split of Australian east coast members and US night owls.

We currently need:

    1x Hunter


    1x Warrior/DK
    1x Ranged DPS (anything considered)

We raid from 12AM-4AM server time on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. This works out to be 7pm AEDST.

Our ideal recruits don't need to be super geared or have cleared MSV, just show a willingness to learn, deep knowledge of your class, and be enthusiastic about seeing and killing the content as quickly as you can.

That being said though, such a player would also likely have around a 474 ilvl or greater.

Trials can start immediately on our next raid night or the next lockout, whatever you prefer.

Contact myself, Symmetry, Wraithreaper, Tarj or anyone from Anatomy you see online for more info.

Our website has more info about us and can be found at http://www.anatomyguild.com


Edit: Updated to describe current recruiting requirements.
updated first post,

Need a hunter, or a warrior/dk+1 ranged DPS for core team.

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