<H>The Whitetusk Tribe has arrived!(Updates!)

Wyrmrest Accord
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Updating with...Updates!
Double Shift Monday Bump.
Lunch Bump.
Last Break Bump.
Going home from a double shift bump!
New day at work, bump!
Heading home from work, Bump!
Back to work, Bump!
First break is over, Bump!
When I hit 90 I would love to raid with you guys.
Lunch break Bump. And we would love to have you in the guild so you get guild rep. We already have the two experience boosts, and you an also purchase heirlooms (we hit 10 last night).
Last Break Bump!
Going home from work, bump!
Another day at work, Bump!
Lunch Break Bump.
Long Break bump (I had it extended. :D )
Work is done, Bump!
Yay, trolls!
Clockin' in bump.

And Yeaaaa...Trolllssssss!!!

(Though do be warned. It's not a troll only guild, or even a tribal/troll oriented guild)

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