Demo PvP - what to do in between burst?

Recently got 90 on this character and have been having a lot of fun. Overall though, I've found that I'm not a huge fan of destruction in PvP because Chaos Bolt is where all the fun is in that spec (imo) and it's hard to pull off when people are actually attacking you.

I've had a dual spec of demo from when I was leveling but never played it, so I switched to that and have been trying to learn to play it. I've got my focus macros for axe toss, fear, etc down as well as my healing macro and burst macro and it's a whole lot of fun, particularly in BG's when people are clumped and there's multiple people getting hit for 70k by the same Chaos Wave.

The problem is, I feel like I'm playing the most bipolar spec in the game. By that I mean that I feel like I put out no pressure at all on anyone outside of my cooldowns. This is kind of a problem given the fact that in order to actually make use of cooldowns, I have to make people pop their defensives first, otherwise it's a wasted Dark Soul.

Is there a trick to this? I'm keeping Corruption and Doom up, as well as Hand of Gul'dan when I'm not close to doing burst and of course CoE. Beyond that it's mostly just Fel Flame spam unless I can free cast, in which case I occasionally use Shadow Bolt and SF if I have stacks of Molten Core.

I've tried looking on youtube but there's no real good guides yet (that I can find at least) as far as what to do to cause damage outside of the burst.
Well it really depends lets say your at BS in AB and defending or pushing the node while a lot of people are around aoe the piss out of them hellfire with m.fury you will get a lot of DF quickly which gives you tons of dmg from aoe and ToC or choas waves yea it won't be ds dmg but its still a lot of dmg besides that you got it

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