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So, I have found a lot of add ons that will select a random mount based on whether or not you can fly in an area. What I haven't been able to locate is a way to select a random ground or flying mount depending on if you want to fly or not.

Does anyone know of something like this - I am thinking it would require 2 buttons.
1 for random flying mount, 1 for random ground mount.
Or is there a way to make a macro for the same?

I don't always use flying just because I can, ex: running from farm to seed vendor guy I generally use a ground mount.

Thanks a lot for any input / suggestions :)
/castrandom [flyable][nomod]
/castrandom [noflyable][mod:alt]

Then just put a list of whichever mounts you want to use separated by commas after the castrandom conditionals. With the 255 character limit for macros it's not possible for it to randomly cast any mount from your entire collection, but you'll be able to have a list of many. This will automatically cast flyable or ground depending on if it's allowed or you can force it to cast ground mount by holding Alt.

If you want even more mounts there is a workaround you can try. Create 2 Macros. One for your mount button and another for the top left action button #1.

Mount Button
/click [flyable][nomod] MultiBarBottomLeftButton1
/stopmacro [flyable][nomod]

Top Left Action Button #1

Once again create a list of the mounts you want to use separated by commas. Doing it this way will allow you to make your list longer before hitting the 255 character limit. Put the ground mounts in the top macro and flying in the bottom. You can inverse that if you like, just remember to change the [flyable] and [nomod] tags.
I just jumped onto the game to test the macro idea and it had a couple problems. Here's a solution that is working.

Mount Button
/click [noflyable][mod:alt] MultiBarBottomLeftButton1
/stopmacro [mod:alt]
/click MultiBarBottomLeftButton2

Then just make a /castrandom macros for the top left action bar buttons #1 and #2. #1 being the ground mounts.

You can of course put those mount macros on any action button, you just need to know the name of it and put it in the macro.
Excellent - thank you very much I'll try that :)
Also, if you want an addon I know healbot works.
If you use Livestock to select your random mount, it has 3 keybinds available: "Random Land Mount", "Random Flying Mount", and "Random Smart Mount" (which selects based on whether you can fly or not in that zone).

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