Does any guild have the thundering hatchling?

Pet Battles
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Hmm, I may hop on this! Must first give massive props to Stage Clear for this!
Is this offer still valid?

I would love a new pet.
Just a friendly warning! With raid progression going on in our guild, our GM has been going on a minor "kicking spree" of people who dropped off the face of the planet of our guild and whatnot with every stupid wipe. I believe 1-2 pet collectors have fallen victim (I've double checked, these pet collectors already received their pet from our guild and had not logged on for over a week). If you're in the guild and farming rep and take some sort of break before hitting revered, just log onto the character every few days to show you're still alive ^^ and if you're REALLY paranoid, give me a whisper and I'll add a safety "do not kick" note for your character. Don't mean to scare anyone, just looking out for my pet collecting friends just in case =P

Also, side note. I have a couple spare Dragonkin Battle Stones. I know I can't use it on your Thundering Serpent Hatchling, but if you happen to already have one and you are debating between putting it on a cageable pet VS your serpent hatchling, I'd be willing to make a battle stone trade most likely if you have another stone available.

I am also reachable at Ellumina#1935. If you add me, just mention you are a pet collector / pet battler in the message when adding me. I'm pretty open to befriending other pet peoples =P
I am going to get on this ASAP! You and your entire guild are legends for providing this service!
Thank you all so much for doing this. Your Hospitality is extraordinary.

I would be more than willing to move my lowbie Panda and grinding rep.

Who knows, maybe I end up transferring my upper level character(s) if a raiding spot opens up. I love my current guild but we haven't done and serious raiding since Firelands.

I sorely miss raiding on a regular basis.
Very cool of this guild to do this - big thanks to Stage Clear!

Just got exalted yesterday and picked up my Lil' Tarecgosa.

Some tips:
- Make a DK and sell some caged pets on AH. Best way to make quick gold imo.
- Make sure to get the epic guild tabard once you are honored.
- Getting revered comes quite fast - only about 1/2 way through hellfire - took about 2 hours (including DK starting area).
- Spend the money to get basic flying. Will speed up questing A LOT. Also, the glyph of dark succor will allow you to pull a ton of mobs. I never died once to quest mobs (gankers are a different story however).
- Getting exalted takes another 1-2 hours, involves questing through Zangermarsh.
-Don't worry about quest rewards - the DK blues won't need to be upgrade. Sell everything you get so you can buy the pets.

This server has a thriving economy and I was able to pick up a number of other pets that just don't show up very often on my home server.
Thanks for letting me join in the fun to get this pet, was a quick and painless grind for sure.
Just posting now so I can easily find this thread later in my post history. I have a pet collector friend who I think would be VERY interested in the Li'l Tarecgosa especially, and goodness knows our guild is never gonna get it, heh.

Very cool of Stage Clear to do this! ^_^
I just want to say that I took advantage of Stage Clear's hospitality, and it was a lovely experience. I made it to Exalted by leveling from 1-29 in a few days of hard work. (Tip: The Ghostlands suck for questing. Seriously suck. Go to one of the revamped zones instead, where things are better organized and a lot less 'run in every direction for 10 minutes' and the graveyards aren't so horribly placed...)

If you bring a few pets from your home server to sell on the AH, you should be fine. You'll need the funds to pick up the two guild tabards - one increases guild rep gain by 50%, the other by 100% - and the funds for whatever pets you plan to pick up. If this is your first time as a Horde, you'll ultimately have access to Guild Page, Guild Herald, Thundering Hatchling, and L'il Tarecgosa. And heck, consider leveling up until you hit Icecrown, do some jousting, get an Argent Gruntling! (I haven't yet, obviously, I'm not insane.)

And if you still have excess funds and pets you need, check out the AH. I was able to get a couple things for much cheaper than on my home server. My ultimate outlay? About 3k for a Dark Whelpling to sell off as operating funds, and then a few other odds and ends I picked up from the old school raids. So if you can somehow raise 3-5k, you're more than set.

And I never even got ganked. Saw an Ally once, they tried to lure me into a trap in Eversong, but I chose death by tiger instead.

One thing to keep in mind: people who join just for the pets won't have full access to guild privileges. No peeking in the guild vault, no guild repairs, no guild chat. You can listen, but no talkie. (Which was fine by me, I prefer being a quiet, well-behaved houseguest anyway.)

In short: Stage Clear is awesome, I got four pets thanks to their awesomeness, and Ellumina rocks for making this possible. I'm still shopping for the perfect hostess gift...
I was going to do this and then realized you guys are on my server. And this server is full for me. :<
I just want to say thanks again to you all for doing this for us.
I was going to do this and then realized you guys are on my server. And this server is full for me. :<

Awww lol :[
Such a nice PR rep!
01/04/2013 09:44 PMPosted by Healbøt

Thanks Stage Clear! You're the best!
Currently leveling and grinding my way towards this pet! Props to Stage Clear for letting us collectors "Catch them all!". If anyone needs a Mr Gubbs or a Viscidus Globule I brought them over to make gold for my pet/tabards, but sadly they aren't selling on the AH :/ also selling every herb/ore I come across whilst leveling. Let me know! =D
SC #1
Just might take advantage of this! Great thing you are doing, Stage Clear!! Thank you!
What pets are you able to get through this method, and how much gold would you need? Thanks. So I can know when I am able to do this.

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