[16/16] & [4/16H] Recruiting 1 Warlock

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Sunder is recruiting 1 seriously, amazing Affliction warlock for Group 1.

We are ranked 13th on the server and 11th in 10man on Sargeras.
We will increase this ranking in the near future.

Raid Times: Tue/Thur/Mon 7:00-10:30 P.M. Server

  • Exceptional Dps for gear (ability to hit WoL on some basis)
  • ILVL sufficient for downing heroic content
  • Attendance of 90% or better
  • Team-Oriented Mindset
  • If you lack any of the above, please do not waste your time or ours. We are a fun group, but we are making this decision seriously.

    If interested, please answer our short application on (http://sunderguild.us)
    i lack the ability to be a warlock however i excel at keyboard bashing warr

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