[A] 482 Mage Returning Home

As the subject line says:
I was here on this realm about 7-8 some months ago before I decided to "retire" from WoW for about six months to a certain Lucasfilm Based MMO.
Looking for a guild of roughly the same if not more progression experience than I currently have, and the other reason why I want to come back here is that there is a number of my RL friends that reside in here.

Oh yeah... if you are wondering why I am Arcane instead of fire, aside the fact that with the recent patch that favors arcane atm, I have been blowing the doors off my current guild's top fire mage by almost orders of magnitude, been keeping myself in the top few on the meters and lovin' it... oh YES... and surviving all the while! ;)
If you're still looking, add me in game we're currently 5/6 1/6

I'm definitely looking around still.
But yer guy's guild name... O.o
You should've put ranch on it, obviously.
6/6, 6/6, 3/4 N progression guild looking for a mage to fill our roster. Heroics starting next week, contact me in game for more details.

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