A Proposed Change For Taste For Blood

Currently TFB is capped at 3 stacks that give Heroic Strike a 300% increased dmg. While this is not nearly as retarded as the 5 stack capable monster we had before, it is not uncommon to see 250k Heroic Strike crits on targets when cds are used. This is not good game play in my opinion and i have seen this idea float around between quite a few warriors of the community.

The Idea-
1. Keep TFB capped at 3 stacks.
2. Every Overpower has 100% chance to proc TFB, but only a 30% chance to proc another Overpower. (this can be tweaked but this is the same as is now)
3. TFB only effects Slam
4. Lower the bonus dmg from TFB to make up for the 100% proc rate.

1. Lowered RNG burst!
2. Buffs sustained pressure.
3. Makes Slam a valuable ability again.
4. Makes Heroic Strike a normal rage dump again.
5. Did i mention it lowers RNG burst!?

1. Less RNG burst?

Feelings and opinions on the matter? Please post your thoughts.
Reserved for answers to questions.
Depends on how much the bonus from tfb is lowered. Remember, baseline slam does nearly double the damage of heroic strike.

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