Sooooo feral pvp...

Is feral pvp worth gearin for arenas?
cuz when i last checked i was told it was a fail
So you're going to play a class depending if other people call it a fail or not? You barely have any PvP achievements, why not gear feral and try it yourself? Learn how to use cyclone offensively and defensively and keep savage roar up. Feral is fine. There's 2200+ ferals out there.
12/05/2012 04:55 PMPosted by Druimau
cuz when i last checked i was told it was a fail

Yes it's fail plz don't play feral, really please don't i beg you go moonkin or resto, just anything but feral.
kitty cleave is 2200+ comp
Feral is amazing when played right.

Seen Feral's tear people new buttholes in 3's.
its 2nd best melee right now afta warr so its worth gearin.

but rotations still feel clunky in cata imo. i found my gimp ret paladin evn more fun at times cuz it feels more faceroll
Its ok. pretty damn squishy though. With out alot of exp im sure you would have more fun get higher with a warrior even a dk then a feral..

Feral is not known as the easiest class.. Lots of crap n timers to watch and mutli resources to watch. eng, combo points.. timers on dots.. timers on PredProcs. Savage Roar. Just alot for a novice to keep track of.
12/05/2012 07:05 PMPosted by Drcow
Feral is not known as the easiest class..

It's actually rather easy.
MoP feral pvp is not your daddy's feral pvp :P

Back in Cata/Wotlk you had to shift for your cyclones, heals, etc. But those days are behind us. You pretty much only shift for breaking snares/roots and the occasional rejuv.

Having (casually) played feral pvp in the previous two expansions I never found it to be very fun. You needed a ton of macros for dealing with the shift aspects of the class, and all in all it just had a very high skill cap. About a month ago a buddy and I decided to re-roll to double stealth just for the fun of it so I went feral, he went rogue. We just got our T1 weaps last week, at about 2100 in 2's right now. Neither of us are the best players but we're having a lot of fun wrecking BGs and casual arena :)

Let me list the key points of feral in MoP:
1) positioning requirements - GONE! You no longer need shred. I still recommend shredding for clearcast procs if possible, but the difference between mangle and shred is negligible now(<5% difference once factoring energy/CP).
2) Perma kitty form - This is a key point. You can use all your abilities in kitty now. All your talents are usable in kitty, typhoon, your NS heal, pred heal, etc. The only time you shift is for breaking snare/roots and rejuv, maybe a tranq in a BG.
3) Ridiculous burst CDs - let me reiterate...Ridiculous burst CDs...I don't know everything about every other class, but I'm fairly certain we have the strongest, or near strongest burst potential while combining berserk+incarnation+nature's vigil+trinket use. I absolutely, and pardon my french, !@#$ on healers with CDs popped. You have -50% energy cost, unlimited ravage, 20% dmg, and 4k agi. I really think when you combine stealth+the CDs+pred cyclone we're easily the best FC killers right now.
4) Much easier to play than during past expansions - As I said, this isn't your daddy's feral :) Your opening out of prowl is as follows: SR->pounce->shred->ravage->TF->rip or rake depending on CP->pop CDs->ravage spam+FB while CDs up.

A) Keep SR up at ALL times(glyph gives you 12 second SR, but I usually keep a 4-5 CP SR up after my first rip)
B) Keep 5-CP rip up
C) Keep rake up
D) Once you have pvp 4-piece free ravage every 30 sec
E) Mangle or Shred for CP, try to use shred on clearcast procs unless you're almost energy capped
F) Use pred swiftness procs to clone a healer(or dps) or for healing touch

**Edit, I don't know which stats the best ferals prefer, but personally I stack crit pretty hard. I know mastery is technically our best dps stat, but during burst(ravage+FB spam) mastery is doing very little, not to mention stacking crit means more CP. Being able to get to 5 CP in 3 attacks rather than 4 attacks makes such a big difference ^_^
Feral is not known as the easiest class..

It's actually rather easy.

it's easy when you get use to it. but unlike other melee classes you have dots to manage and damage ramp up time (with the exception of berserk/incarn). that's not counting you have to know when to get out and heal.

an example: i'm caught up on gear and i stack resil as feral, faced a warrior/healer team in 2's, the fight lasted about 20 seconds. because after my opener the warrior knocked me a few 40k's then out of no where hit me for 300k. (3 hits all critting me for 90k+ in about 3 seconds)

without incarnation feral's don't get to just poop out big crit after big crit, there's ramp up first.

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