What if Chaos Bolt could consume 6 BD...

...to be instant?

Standard 3 for reduced cast time still applies.

edit: or at least reduce the cast time further.
I doubt Blizz will ever do this. This is basically giving you a insta CB ever 30 seconds? (I can't recall the CD on conflag, not destro very often >_>)

Non the less, this would cause more QQ from everyone and make destro get nerfed even more, since you will blow people up in 3 GCDs every 30 seconds. =\
Important to remember is we sacrifice our ember generation by using BD on CB. Not being able to use faster incinerates costs us.

Sometimes I find myself with spare charges of Backdraft, like when a melee is in my face and I can't shake em (mostly Warriors) and I resort to spamming Fel Flame till oom.

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