Desperate help pls

I have been struggling with the toon on Shadow dps for about 4 weeks now. I have got other priest dps with a lot less gear passing me up on the dps charts.
I fear this toon my be on her last leg for deletion if I can't make her better.
Can someone who has knowledge with Spriests, look over her stats and what not and maybe give me a tip

I don't ever post so not sure if this is where I do it.
Well we are very much gear dependant and have a fairly high skill cap at the moment particularly in moment heavy or multiple add fights.

Without a link to combat logs or even their armory to compare your toon to that of your "undergeared" rival all we have to go on is the basic look at your armory and general tips regarding fight to fight talent choices and things you may or may not be aware of in terms of spell mechanics.

First off you are missing Stats to Chest.
You are also missing INT or Mastery to bracers (50 spirit is not even close to being more valuable than 170 Mastery let alone 180 INT).
You are missing the 285 INT spell thread to legs (which I would suggest you grab with SPI not Crit).

Aside from your Meta gem and two intellect gems all the others are wrong. At your gear level you are no where near the Haste breakpoints and shouldn't be gemming straight Haste or Haste + other stat because, Haste isn't even half as valuable as INT and you are loosing quite a bit of INT from doing so. As before Gem Reckless in yellow and Purified in Blue.

Overall stats:
You are no where near the hit cap. Hit capping is important, you can loose valuable shadowy recall ticks, miss DoT refreshes, loose out on Procs due to them dropping off after you miss etc. etc. The cap is 15% or 5100 rating, try to get close to there via reforging.
Mastery is the least on your stat priority and both your crit and haste are quite low as you get more gear and if you have items leftover after getting hit capped try to get a better balance going.

Every fight can prefer a different talent build (e.g. ToF is preferred on Garalon and Elegon over DI or PI ). So, think about the which talent (or glyph) might best be suited to each encounter you engage with. A good reference is found here
(10 player):
(25 player):

Your abilities have limitations. Halo is most effective at 25 yds from the target. Power Infusion and other haste buffs don't stack well (e.g. Bloodlust, Lifeblood). If you are holding on to two stacks of Surge of Darkness you may loose a free Mind Spike if FDCL procs again. Glyph of Mind Spike gives your instant Mind Blasts leaving you sitting on an unused proc of Divine Insight. Devouring Plague is most effective at 3 orbs so it shouldn't be used unless you have that many up, at which point it is the highest on your priority list.

Whatever you do, I would strongly recommend against deleting any max level character given its earning potential alone; as a gatherer (you have herbalism) and as a max level scribe (shoulder enchants) and just from being able to supplement your character stable income by performing endgame daily quests and other lucrative content. Just play a different character instead, if you find you aren't enjoying spriest.
wats ur opening rotation like? also DL halopro it will help with getting in the best range for halo (cause on elegon the best range is about 5 yards in from the edge). also ur stat priority is haste>int>crit (haste till 8085 rating then its as useless as mastery) other the that it may just be ur rotation that is holding u back.
Ya I know I am still using Healing gear which i know is hurting me. When I read that Haste is the best stat, i kinda went all out on haste to bring me to cap and currently im like 6.5 which is not enough. You say im low in crit, so what should my crit idealy be at?
and its not my rotation i do what everyone says to do, its my stats

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