Major Glyph Idea

I am a bit underwhelmed by the choices for Guardian Druids in major glyphs. My idea is a utility glyph that would make tranquility castable in bear form. On fights like the stone guardians, having a raid cd like tranq would be great, but you're always tanking an add so it's not really feasible to get a full cast off during a switch. Seeing as that is the only raid-wide cd we have, I'd love it if it were something I could try to make use of on every fight, as opposed to the single boss, no-add tanking fight.

What do you all think? Doesn't seem game breaking, but I'd swap out a major glyph for that kind of flexibility (especially since we're supposed to be all hybrid-y).
Barkskin, Survival Instincts, Fae Silence, Might of Ursoc, Rebirth (only if you have NS).

We have a lot

I want a win button too ;)

Anyway, remember that your tranquility would most likely be affected by pushback, since Guardians do not have Nature's Focus. Getting hit by the boss constantly would make your Tranquility next to useless. Then remember, that Tranquility is an 8 second cast (maybe slightly shorter with some haste) and that'll mean your Savage Defense will fall off, your Thrash will fall off, and you won't be gaining rage. I'd say the glyph would only be used by healers in PvP.
Isn't barkskin more a pvp glyph since we have thick hide built into our spec now? And raid bosses are immune to silence so Fae Silence just adds an unnecessary cd to something that might refresh mangle. Might of ursoc is quite pricey when the health gained already is enough to get me out of a tight spot.

I use survival instincts and rebirth for utility, which is all a glyph like this would do. It wouldn't be a game breaker by any means and it wouldn't even be useful on tank swap fights. I tank with a pally in the guild and we coordinate tank swaps for me to use tranq so we can stagger it with his devotion aura. Getting off a half cast of tranq would be better than nothing in a raid.

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