[Horde] Riot Foundiation search quality peps

Riot was founded a month ago by a dedicated husband wife team. Riots core belief is to help our members. By doing this we maintain a system of actively help out our members on anything from crafted items to quest. We operated on a give and receive basis with open guild bank of items for all. If its in bank your free to use it as long as system is not abused. We will take the lowest level people to you hard core level 90. We at current run dungeons and small battle grounds. Hope is to put get a dedicated 5's team do rated battle grounds and more. Raids are o. Our list and looking for quality people. We will help fund member projects through the guild bank system. Riot maintain a strict zero tolerance policy against abuse of the guild bank system and drama. We will warn once on guild bank and we will remove for drama immediately. No age limit is required. Coming soon team speak server for RBG and raids. Questions please send mails to me. Thanks for your time.

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