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Moon Guard
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Bumparoonie neighboreenos!

Probably won't see a whole lot of me til Tuesday. Possibly Wednesday depending on how wiped out I am from the previous night.
*peeks up from Mass Effect 2*

I can now say I've been from coast to coast in the U.S.; also, catching up with everything is going to take me daaaays. Congratulations on thread-capping again, Knights!
Its draining but I definitely reccommend a good cross-country expedition. Still my fondest trip to date and all we did was drive and stop here and there in a big moving van.
I flew from NJ to Los Angeles for the purpose of an anime convention. Well, and a girl. Still one of my favorite trips ever. Even the plane ride was pretty awesome as I had a window seat and a gorgeous view of the Rockies.
Nothing more terrifying then an armored ghoul with an axe on a Reins of the Amber Scorpion

Fear me. >:D
Maybe it's because I haven't played that many new games this year or I was drunk when I played it, but Double Dragon Neon is a legit GOTY candidate for me.
Best way to start off the new year is with a Reaper invasion...
Page 3? I know we're dead but c'mon people!
late night bumparoonies.
*pokes thread*
One should never pass up the chance for dessert.
Taking a small break from playing on Ceri if you hadn't noticed. Got a little burned out by the Lv 90 daily grind so I've been leveling my cuddly orc instead.
Best way to not get burned out on dailies is to never daily...
Golden Lotus dailies are evil incarnate..
They actually aren't too terrible on alts after 5.1 thanks to the rep boost. And now there's less people doing them which helps. But they were PAINFUL at first.

Really, the Golden Lotus dailies are the perfect example of how poor quest design is when it comes to other players being seen as dreaded instead of helpful.
It's probably really pathetic but the only faction I'm exalted with is the Lorewalkers.
I want pastries drizzled in honey.
I want honeys drizzled in pastries.


.............Well that was the greatest news to possibly come home to...

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