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You need a better weapon and tabard to match the set, everything else is cool.
8/10, boots match horribly other than that looks neat
Scrolls, 6/10 on armor. Matches nicely but it looks too much like a caster set. Weapon doesn't match either.
Name is 10/10. For some reason just sounds like a pally name.
6/10 was never a fan of the ulduar tier look.
6/10 for name, doesnt fit a paladin so much
7/10, need a new weapon
8/10 for name
thats my pve weapon, my normal weapon in pvp is the twin pheonix. fits it muuch better.
With twin phoenix I'd say 9.5/10. I took the 0.5 because of the helm not showing which I know is a personal preference but I think a paladin clad in heavy armor should protect his head.
10/10 - Everything is perfect, judgement is overused but that shield and main hand really make it work!

-Normally would only give judgement 8/10, but DAT SHIELD!
8/10. I think you can find better shoulders and shield for the rest of your gear.
Oh nice! Very alliance, I like it! 9/10
02/06/2013 01:20 PMPosted by Valadir
Oh nice! Very alliance, I like it! 9/10


You definitely look the part. I dig it.
Heya :D

Don't have the Shattered Sun tabard yet but I'm going to start grinding rep in Magister's Terrace for rep soon. Also on the topic of tabards, anyone know the best place to farm Argent Crusade rep?

Edit: Sorry, forgot to rate. 9/10, looks good :)
8/10 Love that shield makes me want to find a transmog that matches it again.
stanis: like the darker look
Gundam Wingadin

Yer brave, lad, I'll give ye that, 7/10 cause wut

Don't often see a fellow sister here.

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