New platforms for Remote Chat.

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We all know people have all the smart phones that can use the wonderful app Remote Chat, but for those of us that don't have smart phones and we want it are just kinda screwed.

I thought of a neat idea that If you hate it then buzz off, if you love it show your support. If you are a bit both ways share your opinions or suggestions to improve this idea.

Ok there are tablets out there that people take everywhere holding android and windows 8 as their OS. Give them the power to use the app Remote Chat. (if the android ones can't already)

There the windows ones, microsoft freaks with portables can use it.

Now for the sony fans. Put it on the playstation vita store. Let us with Playstation vita use it when we want. If you want to charge a little bit for it on all these different platforms, I'm sure there are many players like me who would pay. I mean, I pay for the mounts and pets in the store so this wouldn't bother me at all.

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