Lance Armstrong

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An athlete who has an ego and does drug? Isn't that like... every athlete ever?
Straight up troll
Childish rhetorical arguments aside, I am interested in what other people think of this case.

My understanding is that not only did he juice for all of his titles, but that he successfully sued people that made allegations of it? He could be facing a hefty jail sentence..

Yeah, but SEVEN tour de france. That is a lot! If Sampras was found to be juicing for his 7 wimbeldons I would flip. Never head of tennis players juicing though.

Don't know much about this, but I'm not sure if he sued or just threatened to sue. He did apparently make it a nightmare for some his friends which is probably the saddest part.

I "kind of" understand what he means that everyone was doing it, but it's still not an excuse when you end up winning SEVEN tour de france doing it and ruining a substantial amount of history with the most prestigious cycling race in the world.
"I think he's awesome I tried to ride my bike after taking drugs and ended up in a respect to Lance......all that after flying to the moon, man this guys a legend."

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