need some clarity on holy and ret

I know Holy is and will probably always be crazy good in arenas

but im wondering is ret just not even worth going for pvp for high end arena? i just always hear bad things and im wondering is it possible to play ret (fav pallie spec) or should i do holy for my pvp needs?
People are going to say no. I am tired of QQ posts and you are going to lure all the people who hate ret to this thread lol.

Dmachine on my server a pally that I was in a Bg with earlier is pretty highly ranked and is wearing the elite PvP gear. He is super good though. So if you are super good then ret is pretty awesome. If you are moderate than ret is good in random bg, and arena up till probably 2k from what I see on my server on other rets, and Rbgs are not for rets at the moment. I hope i just summed that up well, because this forum is usually back and forth rage fest about why we are bad, or why we arent.
If you like Ret you should play it, you can still get high rated as ret it just isn't as easy as other specs.

We're also getting some nice buffs in 5.2, and some OP classes are getting nerfs, so we should be in a much better position.
P.S dont armory me. This is a new character, and I am new to ret. I am telling you what i see on my realm which is a pretty awesome PvP realm.
Holy is better than Ret in terms of PvP viability, not only because of their crazy instant heals, but because you can be carried by the "FotM" classes, the good people playing them, of course. That may be the main reason there are 10x more Holy Paladins.

Ret takes a lot more skill to get to higher ratings (however there are still some idiots on my realm thinking Ret is faceroll), because you have to worry about damage AND supporting your team.

I've seen a few videos on Jimos playing with an Enhancement Shaman and going very well because of their combined off heals. Other than Jimos and Vanguards, you won't find many other Rets at higher ratings because they just aren't willing to put in the effort to "play an underpowered class". Most Rets wanting higher ratings would rather go Holy.

If you want to play Ret, do it. This is a game, and games are meant for fun. If you are willing to reach higher ratings as Ret, put in the effort to look up info on advanced Ret play and even ask on forums of high rated PvP sites, e.g. SkillCapped, Next Level PvP and Arena Junkies (note that you do not have to pay to read forums on these sites, but you have to pay to make an account and ask questions). Read up on all the info you gather, and practice in lower rated RBGs/arenas, then find competent partners and take it to the next level. If you are good enough, you will reach high ratings. If you are not quite good enough and are still willing to reach the desired rating, read up more, practice more.

TL;DR: Holy is better than Ret and very viable. Ret is good if you put in effort to improve, and is better than Holy only if you choose it to be.

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