Issues in the mechanics of rune conversion

Death Knight
First, I'm sorry if someone already talked about this, but this is really annoying me. It's kinda a bug, but maybe it's intended to be this way, either way I really wanna understand what is Blizzard's intention here.

Pretty much the issue is: Sometimes when you use abilities that convert your runes in Death Runes (Reaping and Blood Rites) it don't transform the ones you use, instead it convert other ones.

Keep this in mind: B means Blood Rune; F means Frost Rune; U means Unholy Rune, D means Death Rune. This (B B F F U U) is the representation of my set of runes, when one of those is between brackets it means it's recharging (in CD). DS, FS, SS, Pest, BB, IT, PS, etc are the abilities, I'm pretty sure this is obvious enough.

And just to help and please notice what it says:
Whenever you hit with Blood Strike, Pestilence, Festering Strike, or Blood Boil, the Runes spent will become Death Runes when they activate. Death Runes count as a Blood, Frost or Unholy Rune.

Blood Rites:
Whenever you hit with Death Strike, the Frost and Unholy Runes will become Death Runes when they activate. Death Runes count as a Blood, Frost or Unholy Rune.

Blood Tap:
Each damaging Death Coil, Frost Strike, or Rune Strike generates 2 Blood Charges, up to a maximum of 12 charges. Blood Tap consumes 5 Blood Charges to activate a random fully-depleted rune as a Death Rune.

As Blood:
I got to a point with ([B] [B] D D [U] [U]), both Blood and Unholy on CD. When I used Death Strike (using the 2 death ones) my runes become this: ([B] [B] [D] [F] [D] [U]). So you can see that one U that was on CD is now a D, and one of the D I used went on CD as F. The same work if you have the 2 Uh as Death and 2 Frost on CD.

I have to admit that getting that set of runes is not "natural", but it does happen when you (for some reason, like for dispel) need to spam Icy Touch, and then change again to normal rotation.

This actually "fix" the runes to what it was suppose to look and gives you 2 death runes ASAP, instead of having one soon and another on CD. It's not a bad thing.

So the question is: Is this suppose to work like that? There's like a "Death Rune Frost" and a "Death Rune Unholy" and the Blood Rites passive skill will always convert one frost (or DRF) and one unholy (or DRU)?

As Unholy:
It's the same thing, but with Blood and Frost runes. But, this time, is not hard to get to (D D F F U U) by using Blood Boil. Again every time you use Festering Strike it converts one frost and unholy rune, even if I didn't used it.
(D D [F] [F] U U) > 1 FS > ([D] [B] [D] [F] U U)

Again this "fix" your runes, so you don't get to a point with just 2 F or 2 B and no way to use FS or SS.

Blood Tap:
In both specs, I never used Blood Tap. But after some tests it's very obvious that it do behave the same way. It just get's more confusing when the one picked is a Unholy one. You have to keep in mind that is hard to do tests when you need to induce a random proc to be unholy and at same time manage to get that Death Rune Unholy to be the one picked for FS.

Your DRU will never become another D. So if you used a Blood ou Death Rune Blood plus the Death Rune Unholy it will convert the blood in to D and one frost or death rune frost in to D. Same thing if you use a Frost-like and Unholy.
(x [B] D x D x) > (x [D] [D] x [U] x)
(x [B] F x D x) > (x [D] [D] x [U] x)
(x B [F] x D x) > (x [D] [D] x [U] x)
(x D [F] x D x) > (x [D] [D] x [U] x)
(x [B] [F] x D D) > (x [D] [D] x [U] [U])

Back to Unholy:
So the abilities that uses 2 different runes seems to work with the "Death Rune Frost", "Death Rune Blood" and "Death Rune Unholy". But Blood Boil, Blood Strike and Pestilence don't.

As Unholy the abilities that uses blood will convert the exactly rune you use (like the tool-tip says), unless you find yourself with this kind of setting: ([B] [B] D D [U] [U]). And that's the one that really messes all.

Ok, to get to that set is really really really easy, it get even easier when under Blood Lust, Unholy Frenzy, Soul Reaper Buff, or anything that increases our haste by huge amounts.

Let's pretend that an add phase begins and it's time to blood boil like nuts. Having ([B] [B] D D [U] [U]) and Blood Boil twice will make this: ([D] [D] [F] [F] [U] [U]). And that's a nightmare, it didn't fix a thing, it made a mess. It forces me to not AOE, instead I'll need to do two festering Strikes and wait a whole recharge to do more AOE (some times, a lot of it, it's just too late) and resetting my rotation to a point that I need to FS again is a loss on DPS.

I made a test with 53% haste, from ([D] [D] [F] [F] [U] [U]) to ([D] D [D] D [U] [U]), in other words from my second blood boil to my third, took me 18 secs. So in a Gara'jal fight, on which I have 30 secs to DPS the adds and spread love, spending more than half fixing runes is not OK.

In this tier you'll most likely have issues with that in Feng, Gara'jal, Spirit Kings, Elegon, Will of the Emperor, Wind Lord, Empress, Tsulong and any trash pull and dungeons. In a lot of these cases, 18 secs is enough to not even make you AOE, by the time you get your rotation right, it's all dead. Or you end up just using the next 2 D to cast 2 more Blood Boil and waiting on the Blood rune to restart your single target rotation. In this last case your 2 frost runes just sat there looking pretty, such a waste.

Now, if Blood Boil would still only convert the ones it used (like the tool-tip says), I would get this: ([B] [B] [D] [D] [U] [U]). This one is just perfect, my runes are gonna come back and I'll be spamming my Blood Boil 4 times all happy!

That perfect one makes easier to come back to the "normal" state and to go to AOE set (I'm gonna ignore the U):
1. ([B] [B] [D] [D] [U] [U]) > 4 Blood Boil (x the amount you need) > ([D] [D] [D] [D] [U] [U]) > going back to single target = 4 Scourge Strike > ([B] [B] [F] [F] [U] [U])
2. ([B] [B] [D] [D] [U] [U]) > going back to single target = 2 Festering Strike > ([B] [B] [F] [F] [U] [U])

It's good to point out that it's gonna happen the same thing if you do pestilence or blood strike.

For pestilence (or using a blood boil as pestilence), this can also happens:
(D D D D [U] [U]) > 2 SS > ([B] [B] D D [U] [U]) > 1 Pest > ([B] [D] [F] D [U] [U])
In this case the issue is not that bad. Look:
1. ([B] [D] [F] D [U] [U]) > SS > ([B] [D] [F] [F] [U] [U]) > (B [D] F [F] [U] [U]) > FS > ([D] D [D] F [U] [U]) > Either ignore the D and use FS or use SS and sit with one F.

But, if it converted the one it used:
2. ([B] [B] [D] D [U] [U]) > SS > ([B] [B] [D] [F] [U] [U]) > (B [B] D [F] [U] [U]) > I can ignore the D and FS or I can SS and use that B to BS, BB or Pest.

This last case if I decide to SS at the end and use the B, it'll convert into D and get me the first case ([D] [B] [F] [F] [U] [U]). So it's not exactly a win in the long run, but I suppose having the option of a rune that can spread all diseases is better than sitting at one that gives 1 disease to 1 target. In other hand it's not difficult to think about a fight where the adds don't spawn at same time, but one after another, or maybe didn't hit every single one, cuz you were still stacking them up, and you find yourself having to spread the disease more than once, the second case would be perfect for that. The first one... Just cry.

About 5.2
On a last note, it's probably gonna happen as well for Icy Touch when 5.2 come out. Assuming it would work the same way as it's working on live servers.
It's kinda hard to get to this, but:
([B] D [F] [F] [U] [U]) > 1 IT > ([B] [B] [D] [F] [U] [U])
Even if this do happen, it's a good set, so, no complains!

To end this thread, thank you for reading it. It would be very helpful if you try it too and post your thoughts in the matter. Also, bumps and likes would be very appreciated so we can get our loveable GMs to read it. Also, please do forgive my English mistakes, it's not my native language.
I agree.
Maybe this is also why low haste (undergeared DK) is so clunky?

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