[The D is Silent] - Recruiting Casual Players

"The D is Silent" is a new guild to Stormreaver. We started as a group of friends who played and raided together on SWTOR. After we moved on from TOR, we created a new WoW guild and are aiming to do some raiding!

Currently, we need to fill out our rosters. We are in need of:
1x Healer (Priest, Pally, Druid)
1x Melee DPS
1x Ranged DPS
1x Tank

Our raid times are going to be Sunday and Thursday nights from 7PM to 10PM CST.

We are also open recruiting for casual PvE or PvP players that are looking for a fun group of people. Feel free to sign up on our website (http://thedissilent.enjin.com) or whisper either myself or Rhogren in game.
Bump cuz the name makes me laugh every time.
holy heals!

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