Leveling 85-90

Haven't played my pally in ages and was wondering what leveling as prot is like now. I've done a couple of quests and it doesn't seem too bad but as I level and mobs have more HP does it get slower? I mean it's rather slow now compared to others I see leveling but I have this sinking feeling it gets really bad later on. Prot dps seems to be really lacking now as compared to other expansions. Is that for all tanks now? Should I just suck it up and go ret for questing? I've never really been a ret fan and have always leveled prot. Any input would be great. :)
That depends on what you consider tolerable while leveling. Prot can handle a ton of enemies at one time and has a buttload of healing abilities. I was easily able to handle 4-5 mobs at a time, even in SUPER subpar gear while leveling this particular paladin (I have more than one).

However, the damage isn't exactly stellar. You can handle a ton of enemies, but you're going to take forever to kill them. That can be somewhat frustrating when there are pats roaming around... I do remember a couple of times when I'd have 4-5 enemies on me already, then end up with another 4-5 from a pat, and have to -blow raid CD's- to stay alive long enough to get a few down, before I bit it. There were a couple of times they got the better of me.

In my opinion, Ret will level you much faster. But prot is viable if you understand the limitations and advantages intimately and use it to your advantage.

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