nerf prot pvp

holy wrath and avengers shield hit way to hard in low lv brackets. I should not be being crit for almost 1k by holy wrath and 600 by avengers shield and have a 6 second HoJ stun to follow up avengers shield. no prot pallie should be 26 and 0. none.
Says the frost mage...
New rule, any mage that says any class should be nerfed except there own will be promptly ignored.
What is this... I don't even know
Low lvl matters
Prot pallies wont be a issue once you hit 90, Plus why talk about prots when rogues can 1 hit ppl at low levels?
Someone complaining about prot PVP?

Is this real life?

Prot is basically the dps spec at low levels.. same is true for warriors, but it's even more true for them. Physical attacks hit for garbage at low level now, ret has exo and judgment that hit fairly hard. Arms and fury are trash compared to the damage that prot, even at zero vengeance, can put out just due to the way the core tanking abilities hit for.

A prot warrior can still global a pretty geared and shielded priest at low levels, and a prot paladin isn't far behind. They're one of the few things that low level caster/healers can be threatened by, and it hurts their egos that something is able to go up against them mechanically and a player that's decent can kill them... in the current priest/druid dominated low level BGs, playing a low level tank gets you a ton of hate. I've gone 70-0 and better a ton, basically camping heirloom healers because !@#$ those people.

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