[A]Wipe All Day (10/16)HM LF1 Tank and Healer

Raid times- 730-1130PM realm. Weds, Fri, and Monday.

Preferably War, Druid, Monk tank, and Druid, Monk, Sham healer.

Must commit fully to our raid windows and be ready to grind serious progression. Must be at least 16/16 normal and 485 min ilvl.

Contact in game- Darthium, Zishh, Slootypie
or prot war... silly darthium tricks are for kids
We are recruiting a Prot Warrior, Feral Druid or Brewmaster Monk for an immediate spot in our raid group.

Looking to bring someone in to trial tonight.

Contact in game (slootypie#1532), Zishh or Darthium
where do i app
01/30/2013 09:15 PMPosted by Proww
where do i app

at www.getcarriedsomewhereelse.com
Bump and Update:
Currently looking for 1 Healer, Druid Monk or Shaman.

Prefer 490ish+ ilvl and 16/16N experience minimum.
Bumpeth to sargersth

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