[Suggestion] Account-Bound Achievements.

I just popped an achievement. Yay!
Crap. I'm not on my main, and there's no way to transfer the points.

There are those of us that prefer all achievement points go to 1 toon. If it meant that every other toon I had went to 0 points, I wouldn't care. Asking me which toon I want the points to go to every time I have an achievement (that isn't a level ___ achievement, obviously) go off also works. This is getting ridiculous. I already can't even PVP / PVE on any other toon for fear of getting an achievement by accident, I also can't even pet battle on any other toon now, since that's what just happened. I didn't realize my last pet for [No Favorites] was about to lvl.

There are also points that will never be able to be obtained on this toon, simply BECAUSE I like playing her. Such as the [Dynamic Dou] achievement. Since tas is already 90, those points will ALSO go to the other toon. If I did the other toon first, the [Level 90] points will be in the wrong place.

I'm missing about 265 points on my main in the guild-tab. (I logged on to a low lvl alt to get something before my main in MOP, not realizing that would happen.) That 5-point achievement for the pet battles is now also unobtainable on tas. This basically puts me at a disadvantage for friendly competitions between guildies.

Please take off this account-bound achievement bit, let us choose where the points go, or let us retroactively move the points elsewhere via ticket or web interface. It's highly annoying.
If you would like to have your suggestion seen by a member of the development team, you'll want to repost over here:

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Ah - ok, thanks!

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Really confused about what the problem is o.O

Since nearly all achievements now are account-bound, your characters all get the points for them. And if you got the achievement on another toon and it appears account-bound, you can still get the chieve on your main toon as well.

Outside of a handful of achievements that require multiple toons on an account to acquire, all toons can still receive all achievements themselves (and all toons on the account will receive points for them).

Bottom line: your main is still getting points for the achievements your alts get due to account-bound achievements.
You do not get the points on every toon. You get the points on *1* toon in the guild tab. Additionally, the achievement I had popped just then [No Favorites] is a pet achievement. Those are account-wide, not character-bound.
And it's also affected on the forums, apparently. Otherwise all of my toons would have the same number of achievements. Granted, most of them transferred on the forums, but when there's 5 points between your main and another person's main - and you get the points on another toon by accident, for an achieve you can no longer earn on the other toon? Annoying.

Its a friendly competition, but it's incredibly annoying to be gimped like that. Just because I only want the achievs on tas means I have to never play another toon in PVP / PVE for fear I might pop one unintentionally?
For those of you who don't understand, allow me to present you with an anecdote of the OP's situation.

I was at 15970 achievement points in my last guild, #2 in the Guild Roster to my friend who had 15980. I was only 10 points behind (even though I technically had more account-wide than him!) and eager to obtain them. I had thought "Master of All" (the 25-point achievement for raising all professions to their maximum levels) would push me over him.

That said, my final profession (Herbalism) was finished by my level 86 Paladin alt, whom at the time had only roughly 2000 achievement points. Upon completing "Master of All," my Rogue stayed at 15970 (much to my dismay) and my Paladin moved to 2025.

If you ask me, there are two bigger problems that would make more sense to address, rather than prompting you every time or allowing you to "move" account-wide points to one toon. The two problems are as follows:

1. The guild pane is showing character-specific totals, rather than account-totals.
2. The game adds account-wide-achievement points specifically to two things:
-2a. The account's total.
-2b. The total of the character whom actually acquired the achievement.

#1 could be fixed by simply having the guild pane show your account-wide total, in which case the whole situation would be solved in the way it should have been handled in the first place.

#2's most obvious (and "correct") fix is to make account-wide achievements grant their point values to all characters across the account, AS OPPOSED TO only the character who completed the achievement. This makes sense -- why should my Paladin have gotten the full 25 points for something she had only done 2/11 of, while my Rogue got 0?

#1 must be done to make any sense of the account-wide achievement situation, and #2 must be done to ensure that players who have "show only this toon's achievement blahblah" ticked (that new feature so that your armory and such only display achievements that toon specifically earned) can be credited for achievements that simply are not possible to obtain on a single toon (Dynamic Duo, Terrific Trio, Quintessential Quintet, Double Agent, and to any non-insane person, Master of All).

In the example of the anecdote above, #1 would have prevented the whole story from ever mattering: My account-total was higher than his account-total, so I wouldn't have cared. However, if we both had the "Show this character's achievements only" option selected, and so the guild pane reflected our character-specific values, I would have gained the 25 points on my Rogue as per #2.
I see what you mean.

In that case, support :D

I've been wondering lately if it was possible for you Blizzard to show account progress in the guild panel for achievements points INSTEAD of character progress...

I know for myself that I never really rerolled another character so all my achivements have been earned on this character which I consider my main also but when I try to compare with other players, it's not relevant because I don't know if THEY rerolled or not.

That fix in the guild panel would be really great because I could care less about someone having only 1000 achiev pts just cuz that person rerolled. It could also remove a barrier from making the decision about rerolling to another character.

Please if you read this and you agree, bump this message so it gets in importance.
Thank you,
I too have somewhat the same problem. I like getting the achievements on each of my toons.

As a person who actively plays two toons and now have all of my achievements split between them I would very much like to see either an account bound total or a "all achievements to toon x" option so that I can stay competitive with other guild members.

Additionally there are quite a few people who re-rolled monk who are now at an insane disadvantage compared to other people who did not and I expect to see this issue rear its ugly head again with the next x-pac.

TLDR: I support this idea
I am someone who prefers all my achievement points to me on one too - regardless of everything being account bound.

I know a lot of people don't realize that even though achievements are account-bound now, they're still also individually tracked per toon. If I go to my guild page, and go to "Achievement Points", it doesn't list account bound achievement points, it lists specific character achievement points and that's what I care about.

I want my main toon to experience everything in Azeroth and my alts to reap the benefits.

I do think they should fix the achieves that require you have 2 toons max level, 3 toons max level, multiple professions, etc to have the actual points spread across all characters and not just the last one to complete that step of the achieve.

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