[A] <Zero Gravitas> 5/13 ToTH 25man

You guys still looking for a mage? thought i'd find out here first b4 making an app.
Another one bites the dust!! Ji-Kun down. Still recruiting for 25 mans.
Thanks for the bump, Brugaliar! :) Still in need of more quality ranged dps... get on it people!
You guys looking for a destruction warlock by chance? Have been raiding most of my WoW career and taken a very casual back-seat in Cata/MoP. Looking to get back into things..!
Hey Mudskipper! We're always looking for quality players. I'd encourage you to visit our forums here: http://zerogravitas.wowstead.com/recruitment and fill out an application form :)
Bump for recruitment - currently accepting applications for:
Holy Paladin
Shadow Priest
Frost DK
Bump for the team! :)
I blame Remy!
we all do mate ;)

Currently 8/12, needing some leet Hunter and Mage apps!
Bump 9/12
Bump, 10/12 now!
Bump for 11/12! Powering through at the moment!
Bumpity Bump!
Bump for the following;
Monk - 1 Position Available
Warrior - 1 Position Available/must have DPS offspec

Monk - 1 Position Available
Shaman - 1 Position Available

Ranged DPS
Mage - 2 Positions Available
Shaman - 1 Position Available

Melee DPS
Warrior - 1 Position Available
Hello Asmeil, you still looking for mage?
why yes we are Harvve :)
:( still full on rogues?

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