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I am a retired library/media specialist and used to play wow with my son, who is no longer able to play, due to illness. I have been working on Pandaren cooking skills since level 85, but cannot get all the recipes. I tried making sure I had all the ingredients on my character when I talked to the various trainers, but I still lack a lot of the recipes. Can anyone help me?
Once you reach the end of the easy-leveling with vendor mats, the profession branches into six specialized trees which are leveled separately. Your overall cooking skill will be the highest of these. You can level them all, if you wish, but each has a specialized statistic which they buff, so generally you would want to focus on that which benefits you most. There are three food recipes I believe, within each of the categories as well as a 10 and 25 man feast. In order to level to 600 you will have to make the feasts for 15 levels or so. At 600 the best food recipe is learned, a +300 stat food.

All Pandaren recipes are vendor trained however, from The Tillers cooks. Ingredients on your character don't make a difference on trainability, and in the specializations the skill required to train new recipes is independent of the others, in your crafting window you can see the current skill of each specialization (grill, pot, etc.) by mousing over the area on the right side of the category name.
I appreciate your helpful advice. I am exalted with the Tillers, but still have not been able to get all of the recipes. Do I also have to be exalted with each character in the Tillers? (I think I am only ex. with 4 or 5 of them.)
Hmm.. well first of all, which recipes have you been unable to get?

Each of the six specializations have trained recipes that you unlock by increasing your skill in those specializations. I assume you have all of those.

There are other recipes obtained from interactive objects and vendors. Below are links to the Wowhead recipe collection and some guides to the Tillers faction. Friendships dont provide recipes, just rep bonuses and farm toys.

Just sort the recipes by source & skill level and it should be easy to find what you're looking for
I can't thank you enough. I am up to 585 in nearly all skills and will soon have all the Pandaren recipes available at Half Hill. You really made a difference for me!

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