Two quick holy questions

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So I have two quick two holy questions for the forums, so is judgment what gives us mana back or just hitting our target? Second question does EF hot tick for the same from one HP as it does from three or is the shield what changes?
Judgement does not give mana back, if you spec into selfless healer it can make your Flash of Light mana free and instant (at 3 stacks), most of the holy paladin society agrees that it's not a good talent though, not for PvE at least.

It does not heal for the same with 3HP as with 1HP, it scales linearly, ie 3HP=30k heal, 2HP=20k heal and 1HP=10k heal. The ticks afterwards scales depending on the amount of HP spent as well, and as a consequense so does the Illuminated Healing absorb.

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