Blood knight or holy priest LF Raids

Hey, I'm a 486 Blood knight with a 472 Holy priest alt. I'm looking to raid on either character. I'm available almost every weekday, and most weekends.

The main criteria I'm looking for in a raid group is thedesire to keep moving forward. I'm the type that can attempt a boss all night trying to take it down. I'm looking for a group that does not want to just stop at normals, and wants to move into Heroics in order to keep progressing.

Current progress does not matter to me. If you are another player with similar interests, whisper me in game.
I can use a Blood DK right now in our 25-man raid team.

Contact me at Raffi#1251.
We could use the DK or the Priest Moritor. Did you find anything? If not, hit me up here or in game.

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