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Hey guys, completely new WoW player here. Been playing other MMO's since 1999 with the launch of Asheron's Call. Very experienced player who loves grouping, questing, PvP, PvE, Raids, and other endgame level content. Looking for friends to enjoy the game with or a guild to play with. I prefer to use Vent/TS for communication while playing. Playing a Pandaren Mage and probably going Horde.

I been part of various guilds throughout all the different games I've played. I typically play with a new guild when I start a new game. I consider myself both a casual gamer and a hardcore gamer depending on the group I'm running around with. I can go easy and enjoy myself or if I find a hardcore raiding guild I can build up and do that as well.

I'd love to find someone whose re-rolling and plans to burn through the levels quickly. I'd love to group up and level up.

Even though I'm a new WoW player please consider sending me a message and connecting with me in game. I'm a lot of fun to play with! :)
Sweet! A fellow AC player.

If you have any questions or need some guidance, feel free to send me a whisper on this character, or add me on real id: Swordz#1968.

To add a person to real ID, simply open up your social tab (by default, its the O button), and then click "Add Friend", then in the space provided you can type in the person's realID, in my case: Swordz#1968.
Wish I didn't have 11 90's because you seem like a genuinely nice person and I wouldn't mind leveling with someone like you. Maybe I can help you with gold or bags to help get you started?

Anyway, welcome to WoW and Illidan especially, hope you enjoy your stay. :)
Busybee - thanks for the offer. As soon as I hit 90 I'll look you up and we can play some!
Busybee - what time do you play? I'd like to chat with you in game.
Welcome to WoW! You picked a really busy server to roll on yay!

Best of luck to you, hope you like us.
Hi Arctic, welcome to WoW! If you get to a point where a lack of gold is an issue, you may feel free to holler at me. Consider me your go to guy for gold making advice.

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Busybee - what time do you play? I'd like to chat with you in game.

Late nights and weekends usually. School has been killing me as of late.

My real ID is if you wish to add me! I'm on an assortment of Horde alts on Illidan, this is my main toon but it's Kel'Thuzad Alliance.

Take care!
Hey! I was thinking of leveling a priest (the only class I don't have over level 80). I will do this sporadically, but when I actually level, I will blaze through it.

Feel free to add my battle tag: Skillmare#1480. I can show you the ropes in WoW and help you out.
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He will show you the ropes of how to be a *unt on wow.
That's where you're extremely wrong. Your perception of me is admirable, and much appreciated, but perception isn't reality.

Besides, I know all classes somewhat decently, and can play any of them at good skill levels, which would definitely help a new player out.
Thanks for all the offers for help everyone. I'll definitely be looking everyone up in game. Enjoying the game play so far. Really just want to get into some dungeon crawls soon and go on some loot runs.
Yes, welcome to WoW!

I'd also be happy to help! I'm a tailor and so I can craft bags/gear quite easily. Should you need any help, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. I, like many others, am on a variety of different characters at any given time. You're welcome to add me via Battletag, Oxiiimoron#1587. =)

You picked a fun class. I just got my Mage to 90 a little while ago and and had her in LFR's as quickly as I could. She's definitly my most fun DPS chicky.

Anyway... Have fun! =D
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Whitedahlia - thanks for the offer. definitely could use some bags. keep running out of space. will add you tonight so we can chat.

Lukenukem - I stayed away for far too long playing other MMO's. It's now my time!
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Once you reach level 40 head to Stranglethorn Vale for.....Initiation. You may think less of yourself after we're done with you, but it's for the best. I assure you.
Looking forward to my... Initiation :)

Made 15 last night so going to do some dungeons tonight! W00T!
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