LF casual raiding team

Hi there,

I'm looking to server transfer and find a fun, 18+ casual raid team who is willing to give a new disc healer a try :) I have been playing wow off and on for 8 years and while I do have some raiding experience it was as dps and not healz but I can commit to raid times and will try my hardest to keep you all alive :)
Our guild is looking for a few raiders. We got a late start in the raiding in Mists and we are 6/6MV and 1/6 for HoF. We are progression oriented and looking for a couple people to raid either every weekend Friday and Saturday 6-9 server time or to raid part time and switch off with other part time raiders. Our goal is to quickly get through the remaining MoP bosses and move on to Thunder. Either way if you are interested, you can check us out and post at strangelyironic.freeforums.org

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