<Exhumed> 10 Man, 4/12 ToT, NZ/Aus

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
NZ/Aus Raiding Team looking to recruit players aged 18+

Group's current progression: 4/12 ToT

Raiding 6.00pm - 9.00pm Server Time Monday, Wednesday & Sunday.

Currently recruiting:
x2 Exceptional Ranged DPS (Mage, Hunter or Boomkin)

Please contact me in-game. If I am free (and not AFK) I will be happy to have a chat about your suitability for our group. If I am offline send me a scroll with your Main's name/Realm/Battle.Net Tag & I will contact you. Otherwise just simply respond to this post with some way to contact you.
up ^
5.2 KGO
up ^
still looking
still recruiting.
going upwards
going up^
if only wasn't for that sunday... you guys would be perfect times for me

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