LFG for Challenge Modes

Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios

A guidy and myself are looking for a few others to dedicate time to bang out these challenge modes and get our Transmog/Mount/Title.

We are not interested in pushing for top times or anything. We just want to get them out of the way.

Mainspec: Feral Offspec: Guardian

Mainspec: Frost Offspec: Blood

We are both able to tank or dps so if you are a tank wanting to do this then that's fine.

Ideally we would like 1 dedicated healer and then 1-2 dps or tank that can heal as well. I have seen some groups running 2 tank and 3 healers for some dungeons.

My availability is(All times EST):

Sunday: 8pm - 9:45pm and then 12am - 3am
Monday: 8pm - 9:45pm and then 12am - 3am
Tuesday: 8pm - 9:45pm and then 12am - 3am
Wednesday: 8pm - 9:45pm and then 12am - 3am
Thursday: 8pm - 9:45pm and then 12am - 3am
Friday: Usually 5pm - 3am
Saturday: 10pm - 3am

If you can meet those times and want to put in the serious work to do these then please add my battletag and contact me so we can form this group asap and knock these out.

BattleTag: Steakbomb#1917
SteamID: Steakbomb90

Posting to this thread won't do much good as I will mainly just bump it so please contact me in game or on Steam.

Hey, I see you said posting on this thread won't do much but I won't be on wow for a while and I'm interested in joining 10-3 tonight anywhere around there should work ..

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