Any Hobbies besides WoW?

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15mm historical miniatures.

History & biographies.

I play drums in a metal/punk christian band, as well as a classic rock cover band and a top 40 group..
Model Railroading
When WoW isn't running right I spend time modding Skyrim and other games. Been a hobby for over 14 years.
musician, author, coder

slept through my 1 morning class of the day so been working on my rpg all day, apart from taking a break to do my golden lotus dailies
action figure/toy collecting
rping with friends but we don't use wow characters
and other video games like Awesomenauts and Bloodbowl when I'm not up for WoW....and sadly I just reminded myself I haven't done the dailies in 2 days. Shoot.

I am finding it VERY hard to motivate myself to keep up with the rep.
I like to play other video games. Gaming is pretty much a passion of mine, and one of the things I like doing with them is trying to figure out what I like about a game and why it's good game design. They're one of the few things in my life that I've never lost a passion in. I also like keeping up with what is what in the game industry.

I also play guitar in my off time, but I only started about a year ago so I'm still getting my basics down.

oh, also this
I third that. ^
I'm a star gazer, I love astronomy I've caught a glimpse at the beautiful Orion Nebula once and I'm hoping that during the summer I get to see the other brighter nebulas and stars.
Enduro riding, oak furniture building, trap and skeet, metallic silhouette rarely, and I suppose custom auto paint could be included although it isn't frequent enough anymore to be called much of a hobby.

Not really a hobby, but I very much enjoy getting on my Blackline, pointing it in some random direction, and riding until I get somewhere. I'd like to do that much more often than I'm given chances to do it.
Where I live there's tons of caves and ruins to explore as well as lots of hiking and awe-inspiring natural beauty.

But I'm far too fat these days to do any of that.

So I don't do anything.
Working out, sore attempts at song writing, and other stuff I'm not going to mention on forums.
I've been horseback riding for about 12 years now, though I've had less and less time for it what with college and all. Trying to get back into doing it more.
I do a custom tabletop RPG with a group of my brother's friends.
I draw a little but haven't had the time to do it as much as I'd like.
I text RP with other friends in a fandom or two.
I used to read and write a TON and was pretty decent at writing but they've fallen to the wayside as school has burnt out any desire to do that sort of thing outside of schoolwork, which is unfortunate.

I've dabbled in a ton of hobbies but have only stuck with a few for a long time like roleplaying and riding. I hope to RP in WoW soon but since I'm so new and still pretty unfamiliar with lore I don't feel confident enough to try yet.
Hockey. Even though its a tough hobby because my team isn't doing so well.
I draw. I haven't done it in a while though, my skills have suffered because of it.
Drinking, alot.
I tend my garden and I have an interest in horticulture and botany.

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