how do you become a big bear?

I've seen bears fighting stuff and turn BIG. ive looked at glyphs and talents but can't find anything that causes this. what are they doing?
Have you seen them personally at your level range? Or just videos? I can't remember if the Guardian spec Incarnation makes you grow or not. There are various potions that increase your characters size. If it's videos from Cataclysm it's the polearm that drops from Madness of Deathwing.
it was in TOES LFR on my 90 alt. they got big a lot and LFR is easy so seems like would be waste of potions.
Maybe this Kiril, Fury of Beasts and transmog it. Cause you can transmog staff to polearm now.
I'm going to assume they were tanking Sha of Fear
1) Bear was standing in yellow circle on sha fight
ya was sha. ah well dam

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