Ret Paladin's don't have AoE for Rogues

Ret AoE is weird, yeah. Rather than adding a straightforward AoE like Consecration, I feel like Rets should get a new version of Humans' old Perception. Name it Eyes of the Law or something justice-y.

Blessed Vision
3% of base mana
1 minute CD
Use: Greatly increases stealth detection for the next ten seconds. Casting with Holy Power lowers the CD by 20/40/60 seconds.
Its not that bad.
I find that not having a solid way of getting rogues out of stealth is the most annoying in a battleground setting. I can't count the number of times I take a rogue down to 10% only to see him vanish then chain sap me for 12 seconds. That usually gives his team enough time to go tunnel vision on me.
We used to have Divine storm and holy wrath and conso, then it went down to 2 of those and then one of those and now one of those? oh boy, it seems Ret pvp is still the same roller coaster it has been for the last decade and a half! I'm so glad I came back to the game and that it hasn't changed one bit hahaha
Lei Shi's hide ability has been annoying me due to this, I can't do jack as ret during that phase. Hadn't really tried holy prism so I guess I can hit her once every 20 seconds while every other class/spec in the game does something helpful.
It's either holy prism or lights hammer to get rouges out..... It's just gay that we have to waste a whole talent for a situational ability that everyone else is given baseline.... Sounds like the same old same old when it comes to Ret PvP.....gotta make it more difficult to do things, everyone else is just handed the toolkit they need.... Good thing prism is the best choice in the last tier anyways :)
hotr needs to not require a target. Such a stupid spell.

I've been thinking the same thing. I mean, us having an AOE attack that wasnt' bound to a target was never a problem before. They just need to make hamer of the rightous not require a target. Would be a boon to prot pallies for tanking as well.
I use this macro all the time, not only is it amazing for utility, but it's the best way to get stealthies out.

I call it my mini-invis-halo.

/cast [nomod, @target] Holy Prism;[mod:shift, @focus] Holy Prism; [mod:alt, @player] Holy Prism

I'm sure it can be simplified down, but that my macro.

As a Ret in arenas, I usually focus teammates for Sac/BoP/Freedom/WoG/FoL etc.

Lets say your partner gets sapped.

Shift <holy prism keybind>

A beam of light shoots to your teammate.

<entering combat>

you don't see anything at first but after a second a pesky little rogue is sprinting the opposite direction as he gets beamed.

My personal favorite:

Doors open, mounted up + 20% HotC speed, straight to enemy gate.

alt <holy prism keybind>

bam, two rogues out of stealth.
03/09/2013 11:01 AMPosted by Penida
now you're saying you want to be able to beat a Rogue anywhere in the world

You are putting words in his mouth

Because the other way around is fine?
I suggest you play a rogue OP and find out that it's never as easy as it seems on their end. All we have to do is pop our CD's and they HAVE to run and hide, sure they can fight like annoying brats, but smart rogues never get caught in AoE's anyways.

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