pally switch up!!

Alright guys. If you could take one race away and swap it for another to be able to be a paladin for both ally and horde, what would you pick??

For example I would do away with dwarf and add in worgen on the alliance, and I would take tauren and put in undead for horde? What would you guys pick???

03/11/2013 10:25 PMPosted by Palamau
I would take tauren and put in undead for horde?

There's a special place in the Nine Hells for you.

I would do away with dwarf and add in worgen on the alliance

... I... I don't even...

On topic, I would take it away from Blood Elves and give it to Trolls. (I also want Dwarves to have Druids.)

And on the Alliance I think it all makes sense there, and works well.
Im all for a gnome pally! gnomes can be priest + warrior = pally :3
I agree OP. Tauren paladins was a stupid idea, just in order to give horde another paladin class. Undead paladins would have been a much stronger choice, even though it doesn't match-up with the forsaken theme, but it still hinges on some believability. Plus they would just look cooler.

On Alliance, I wouldn't swap any race/class with paladins.
Dwarf-gnome and tauren-orc. :D
Dwarf - Nightelf
Tauren - Orc
Tauren paladins were a bad idea, but really the only feasible option for another horde paladin race. Goblins are the next closest, but still ewwwww.

Revert the paladins to one race each faction, Humans/Blood Elves and solve the problem.

Insert 'give ally the pansy pandas and give horde some Vyrkul Barbarians!'
Stop trying to take away my dwarf. I switched from male human to female dwarf because I was tired of looking like a steroid-user. The only complaint I have about my female dwarf is that her unarmed attack animation is rather lacking, and I don't see that very often.

Edit: also, have you seen how ridiculous male night elves look with two-handed weapons? They would make terrible ret paladins.
Draenei-Gnome Gnomes need some faith to get through their time of rebuilding and being homeless

Blood elf-Sorry I am just biased..I dont think Horde should have any Paladins.

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