Saricc's Thread of PVP and Stories #22

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Saricc doesn't have any accents or symbols in his name so this one is da best.
Hey this thread looks fun so I shall post in it. Don't post in other it does not support male Draenei
Hey this thread looks fun so I shall post in it. Don't post in other it does not support male Draenei

/shows you the door.
Okay, since I couldn't find stories that would entertain the likes of some of you I decided I'd create some in this thread. I'm gonna work on one now.

Your so iced out saricc
Your so iced out saricc

I don't know what that means.

But there is a blizzard approaching, so maybe that has something to do with it.
shes hitting on you
Your so swagged out to the maximum Saricc you can !@#$ my %^-*!
I saw Ring of Peace today.

I got stuck inside it somehow.


It was a late August day, and the weather was still hot and humid. On this particular day however, Richie Simmons was eager to awake to begin his first day of high school. Richie awoke around 5am just as the sun was peaking through his blinds. He sat up stretching and jumped out of bed to get ready. He ate his breakfast, two pieces of toast and some OJ, that !@#$% loved his OJ. Normally he would ^-*! then shower but today he felt he only needed to shower. He got dressed and walked to the bus stop. As he walked down the sidewalk he felt his stomach start to tighten and begin to knot up. He figured it was only his nerves and some form of excitement. He did, however, host a thought in the back of his mind: "I should have @#$% earlier." Yes you really should have Richie...

As he boarded the bus, he took a seat in the front as usual. Most of the kids on the bus were the same as last year who went to middle school with him so he didn't mind the bus ride... Until it started to get bumpy. Bump after bump, his stomach ached in pain and the knot in his stomach grew worse. He tried his hardest to let out the slightest farts to ease the pain that was growing in his intestines. He continued letting out small fart, after small fart and the worst began to happen. No matter how small the fart was, the stench was nauseating. It smelled like he had ^-*! his pants, and Richie was stealthily checking for a wet spot on his shorts. Due to the hot and humid weather the smell lingered. Richie looked around at the other kids who were aware of the wretched stench that had filled their bus. However, since the smell traveled so fast it was hard to pinpoint where it was coming from. Richie let out a sigh of relief when he knew he was in the clear. He didn't want to be known as the kid with @#$% farts on the first day of school. Thinking back, being the ^-*! fart kid probably wouldn't be as bad, right?

As the bus pulled up to the front of school, Richie was the first off. He hustled into the school and immediately went looking for a bathroom. The first one he found was in the front lobby and he tried pushing the door open, but to no avail. At this point Richie started to panic as his aching stomach began rumbling. It needed it's release and Richie, and his @#$%^-* knew it. He walked up two sets of stairs onto the main floor and found another bathroom. He tried the door and was relieved when it pushed open. However, a smell of smoke filled the air and he found a couple of Seniors smoking cigarettes. "Get the !@#$ outta here, kid" said the fat one, "Before we beat the %^-* out of you." Richie turned and fled the bathroom, but probably should have stayed. Getting the literal !@#$ beat out of you by a couple of much bigger kids wouldn't be all THAT bad. Richie was a small kid, it'd look like it was their fault anyways. No one would have blamed him. Why Richie... why didn't you just stay?

Since the second bell had rung, and Richie still was lost and had no idea where his class was, he decided he'd try and tough it out the first period. He found his classroom and took a seat in the back next to some mutual friends he knew from middle school. As he sat down, the knot in his stomach came back. His teacher was fairly attractive, and Richie tried to focus on her instead of his aching stomach. He thought, "Okay, around 20 minutes in, I'll go the bathroom." Oh Richie... how, I feel for you.

Around 20 minutes had gone by and Richie was ready to pop the question when suddenly, another student asked to go the bathroom. The teacher gave him the go-ahead and the student, a tall lanky kid with glasses got out of his seat. Richie frantically raised his hand and said, "May I go after him?" His teacher gave him a smirk and said, "Is this some kind of prank? No, just sit there and wait till after class." Richie really began to panic. The only one who he thought he could trust was now his enemy. She was no longer that attractive teacher he probably would have thought about while %^-*!@#$%ing later that night. She was now just another person who would pick on him. Poor Richie, poor poor Richie....

Only five minutes had passed and the tall lanky kid came back. Richie looked over at his teacher who shook her head, "no". Richie's stomach wailed and groaned almost as to protest her. The kid next to him heard the loud groan and gave him a funny look. Richie tried to cover it up and laughed, "I didn't have any breakfast, my stomach usually growls when I'm hungry." The kid next to Richie gave him a smirk and said, "Sounds like you need to poop. Thats what most stomachs sound like when you have to go." Richie died a little inside and his face grew beet red. Most of the kids around Richie were staring and snickering. His stomach only groaned more.
There were five minutes left in class when Richie asked to go the bathroom again. This time, his teacher reluctantly agreed to let him go. Before she could even finish her sentence Richie was half way out the door. Looking left then right, Richie decided to go left. He hustled down the long corridor and could feel his stomach giving way. He came across a bathroom that was being locked by a janitor. Richie asked if he could use it but the janitor said they close all bathrooms during second period. Richie frantically turned around and practically ran down the hallway looking for another bathroom. This did him no favors as his stomach turned and groaned and began to untie the knot. Richie went down to the second floor and found a bathroom that was locked. He ran down the hallway to the other bathroom, which was also locked. He was beginning to lose hope and his stomach cried even more. He finally made a last ditch effort and prayed the bathroom in the lobby was open. His stomach could hold it no longer and Richie felt tiny wet stream run down his leg as he rushed down the stairs. He finally got to the bathroom door and used his entire body to try and push it open. The only thing that Richie pushed out was the built up diarrhea that he heroically tried to hold in.

It ran down both legs and filled his shoes. He was about to make a break for the front doors but slipped in his own feces and fell. The bell rang and kids began flooding the hallway, only to stop and laugh at Richie who was beet red and covered in his feces. Tears began to roll down his !@#$ covered face, and the only thing Richie could do was get up and sprint out of the school. He burst through the front doors leaving feces lined footprints behind him. He vaulted over the fence that surrounded the school and kept on running. %^-* covered both of his legs and shoes. He had a brown stain on his white t-shirt from when he slipped in his own pile of !@#$. Richie was never seen from again, and was forever known as Richie !@#$ty Simmons.

It is said that sometimes when you go into the bathroom in the lobby, you can still hear his stomach groaning and his wicked cries. Other times, on the first day of school in August you can see the outlining of his !@#$ty footprints that were left by him.

This story may or may not be based on true events.

Skip to 2 hours and 18 minutes in the VOD.

It's been a good day.

Sounds like the secret to Abn's successful RBGS is that you watch Swifty's stream and know where he is everytime.

Looks like screenlooking is gonna be a thing again.

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