Tauren or Human Warrior for PvP?

I really like the build of the tauren better but to me imo their racials arent that good whereas human have very good racials and get the extra dmg trinket for pvp. Does the extra dmg trinket make a big differenc eor not really? i want my character to be the best it can be but i can substitute a little dmg loss for a cooler looking character (imo). But if it does make a big difference i would rather go human. I am going strictly pvp and most likley Arms warrior. Thankyou.
Human Arms Warrior > Tauren Arms Warrior for PvP. EMFH is ridiculously powerful in the fact that it lets you use both a On-Use PvP Trinket and a Proc PvP Trinket, so not only do you get the extra 4-5% PvP Power, but you also get a STR Proc that you can line up with your STR Use Trinket for massive burst. Not to mention Mace and Sword Specialization.
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So i am guessing that EMFH does make a large significant amoutn of dmagae more than a tauren right? because if it only makes a small amount more then i am fine with rolling a tauren still.
More like: "Why aren't you rolling troll?"


Marry me.
I play everything default human, plate looks better on us anyway. Or orc.
More like: "Why aren't you rolling troll?"


I like this
In the end what keeps you playing your character is actually liking your character...

Yes the human overall has a beneficial pvp trinket which does make a difference, for pve the diplomacy helps when gaining rep with factions. Also mace and sword specialization helps with stats nicely.

The tauren perk of stomp which can be useful when timed right, I've definitely used it to and still miss it when i played my tauren druid back in the day, it was good enough to interrupt a cast or disorient a crowd of people. The extra hp is beneficial for things like tanking or going protection spec in bg's which can be a lot of fun. Otherwise the perks are minimal unless you care to go herbalism and nature resist can be underwhelming and situational but may provide some minimal reduction in damage from certain classes spells I would imagine.

Image - I think Tauren looks pretty beastly as a warrior. Human fits ergonomically into it's gear well but doesn't have the intimidation factor of a gigantic warrior. Human's can look a bit puny to night elf warriors, draeni and tauren or orcs and even trolls.

Take into consideration that you're going to play this character for the long haul...it's going to come down in the end with what you like seeing on your screen above any of these perks. Skills are always irreplaceable, so unless you're really going for that high end pvp, I really wouldn't over worry about it...it's not going to make or break you and you will regret choosing a class cosmetically less satisfactory if you really really liked the look of another, beacuse it's what you're staring at on the screen the rest of the time.

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